Strategy. Design. Development. Content.

Transmission helps clients not only get in the news, but become the news. This happens thorough concepting and creating of intelligent content that tells stories in compelling form through words, photos and videos. We make this content easy to find for your target audiences. This includes great content on websites that drive search traffic, emails to clients, social media posts, contributions to thought-leader blogs, TV, print and radio media coverage, as well as pay-per-click and other paid efforts, as necessary.

All of our content development and marketing is backed up by websites we design, build and manage that inspire site visitors to act through a form field submission, a phone call or interaction with media, such as videos and files. All of these actions are measured, reported and we collaborate with our clients to increase these interactions to drive customer acquisition and retention.

We work directly with clients, as well serve as a strategic and content development partners for leading advertising agencies. Our expertise has helped advance the agendas of companies including Conde Nast, Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority (LVCVA), Nevada State Bank, Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, MGM Resorts International, The Smith Center, Viacom, FedEx, Dow Chemical, State Bar of Nevada, R&R Partners, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Sunrise Hospital, UNLV, UFC and many others.

Content Marketing

Once client sites are ready to properly engage traffic, we create content comprised of clear/concise copy, high-quality photographs and videos, all found in easy-to-locate navigation information architectures. All content is developed to maximize search engine impact, while always being readable for humans.

Smart Websites

Transmission accomplishes client goals by first building and/or maintaining simple, but powerful websites that clearly articulate what they offer consumers. If we didn’t build your site, we will refine content, improve usability and optimize content and structure for search. All sites we run are built for both desktop and mobile audiences, so experiences are best suited for the screen your audience is using at that moment.

Sharing and Promotion

Once websites are up and running, and content is created, we move towards placing that content on appropriate channels (shared with media outlets, and influential blogs, on social networks, in email campaigns, and through advertisements, etc,). All of these channels are where targeted consumers are looking, actively or passively, for products and services our clients offer.

Analysis & Optimization

We track everything that’s done, including performance of all efforts including social post engagement, SEO page rankings, ad placement interactions, video views and website analytics. All of this is measured and refined to ensure audiences move from interested to activated. We collaborate with clients to make changes to site content, structure and ads regularly. Reporting shows the path and the results.