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Transmission Eero Respect


Eero’s Accessible Access

Internet access is the one utility we don’t complain about about (that much) when paying bills. WiFi is the ultimate extension of that utility, to the point where WiFi access is now an assumption. Assumed, of course, until the spinning wheel of buffering purgatory is stuck at 22%, or visiting in-laws can’t get their flip phones connected to your network.

While the internet coming into your home is at the mercy of your service provider, all challenges with configuration and delivery of WiFi disappear when you roll with Eero. The mesh router system is borderline SkyNet with self-aware diagnosis and adjustments that are auto-updated, direct to your system. Eero improves speeds and makes uploading, downloading and general time kill surfing fast and assumed. #respect.

Transmission Old School Baseball Glasses

Old School Baseball Glasses

Start Another Season with a Look Back at the Past

Baseball is firmly back and players today are found wearing glasses that look like a combination of Google Glass and Hypertech Nuclear Blast Shields, all with a splash of Kenny Powers’ neon champion flava. Not long ago, though, the Kings of the Diamond wore, loud and proud, only the finest of Boca Raton retiree-inspired stunnas. They sported large frames, thin frames, frames thick like snow tires, and glass so finely smoked that it displayed their fields of dreams in gorgeous amber hues. Thankfully, this history was all captured on Topps’ colorful cardboard goodness. #respect

Lights of Las Vegas

Lighting the Way

Living in Las Vegas means being surrounded by illumination 24/7. The biggest and best of the new light installations are now digital; however, many of the best examples the city has to offer come from the classic bulbs found in the old school parts of town. To see how the city turned light into art, check out the Neon Museum at night. #respect.


Prince’s estate is starting to release some music that’s never been publicly shared until now. The line from The Beautiful Ones serves as a great reminder why you first loved Prince, love him now, and will love whatever new sounds come from his archives and enter your ears. He’s worth the time, and then some. The hourglass icon reminds you to make all of your time count, just like Prince did.

Nevada Nerve Surgery

The Opportunity: A stellar and innovative surgical practice that hadn’t marketed to prospective referring physicians or patients with an interactive-focused lead generation approach.

The Process: Transmission worked with the medical practice with world-class surgical offerings, and recommended a program based building out a content marketing platform for the new web address: and driving targeted audiences to that site via content, social media, search marketing and public relations.

The Result: A new website, with a conversion-focused content marketing campaign with in-bound referrals that exceed client expectations. Here are the steps followed to accomplish the goals:

ID Target Audiences
Referring physicians
Media outlets

The Process
Name the website
Develop site architecture
Create content
Build website

Image Shot List
No stock photos!
Physician in action
Patient care
Surgeries in process

Get the Word Out
Launch SEO friendly website
Keep content fresh
Run social channels
Run pay-per-click campaigns
Measure and optimize

Page one rankings within three months
30+ leads per month and growing

Sunrise Hospital

Transmission worked with Sunrise Hospital on a photoshoot, primarily in the hospital’s NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) floor. Sunrise has a Level III NICU, which is the largest, most comprehensive NICU in the state of Nevada and the photos captured the skill and passion of those that save the lives of children in need. We enjoyed getting to work with their team for images that were use in photo campaigns, videos as well as outdoor advertisements.